Corporate Chiller room Demolition

Conqra Tackled this project in June of 2018. There is a busy LIVE enivronment just meters from our site so the clients request was to not disturb the workplace as much as possible. We had a crane onsite and forklift and had no complaints!


Project Scope

  • Soft Strip Corporate Size Chiller Room with all heavy motors and internal piping and cooling system removed
  • Works are to be completed in a semi LIVE Environment
  • Several Large existing motors to be removed
  • Moving machines to be used causing little disturbance to area.

Project Issues

  • Removing the Large Motors with heavy machines, while there is LIVE environments surrounding the site was the biggest challenge. Our Corporate Client was very happy with our job and the time taken to complete.
  • This huge chiller room is now replaced by a Chiller unit not even 1/3 of the size! We now have made an excellent space for the new massive switchboard and UPS for this happy client