What is it?

R6 galvanised pod floor spacer/stirrup designed to optimise performance of a concrete raft floor.

Watch:’CONQRA Stunna C Link’ video to see Conqra’s latest invention.


  • Custom designed profile integrates with Polyraft pods
  • Alternative spacer system to plastic intersection spacers
  • Clips polystyrene pods together to form a stable mat during concrete pour
  • V-shaped spacer bottom aligns and suspends reinforcement bars in the middle of the canal to create a more robust floor

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See our technical literature for more detailed information and specifications.


Simplify the installation process

With Stunna as the main structural element in a Polyraft concrete raft flooring system, you can quickly clip together pods in the optimum configuration specified by the design engineer.

Ensure optimum concrete cover

Polyraft plus Stunna ensures a complete concrete cover particularly at the critical intersections of the ribs. Its secure clip arrangement eliminates the tendency of the polystyrene pods to bunch-up under the pressure of concrete being pumped into the infills.

Minimise costs

Stunna is designed to be easily and quickly installed on site without specialist expertise. This minimises the risk of expensive delays and overruns when dealing with bulk concrete arrivals on site.

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