What is it?

Polystyrene waffle raft system for construction of concrete raft flooring in residential and commercial projects.

Watch:’CONQRA Stunna C Link’ video to see Conqra’s latest invention.


  • Available in 1200 x 1200 pods for hard-working areas such as garages, or 1800 x 2400 poly pods for lighter areas such as living courts
  • Can be mounted onto cut and filled sites, in block bases or Poly Rock infills and in conjunction with Eziyaka Bigfoot piers
  • Designed to be used on conjunction with the patented Conqra Stunna spacer.

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See our technical literature for more detailed information and specifications.


Cost-effective concrete raft flooring

Because floor beams are laid out in a grid, and Polyraft pods are extra large, you benefit from more efficient use of materials and labour. Unnecessary channels are eliminated, so concrete is used in the topper, where it’s most valuable.

Create strong, stable and reliable foundations

Ground beams are 100-160mm wide (300mm wide for load-bearing walls) to ensure easy flow of concrete and eliminate complications caused by air pockets. High yield reinforced steel (HD12 or 16) adds strength to the system.

Ultra-versatile in a range of designs

Polyraft can be used in practically any site, including flat sites and sloping sites in tandem with block work. Where poor soil conditions exist, the Polyraft system complements in-ground piling techniques.

Minimise unnecessary work and waste

A concrete raft system with Polyraft offers you simplified construction processes, reduces spoil, minimises bulk excavation of sites and eliminates the need for footing excavation.

More thermal efficiency

With its excellent R-value, Polyraft provides significant thermal insulation from ground level.

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