What is it?

Pre-cast concrete pad system that allows you to begin building immediately after piles, poles or posts are placed in position. Eziyaka concrete pads are also available with Bigfoot and Lightfoot accessories that eliminate the need for wet concrete infill.


  • Suitable for concreteless installation of timber piles
  • Compatible with raft floor foundations (Bigfoot)
  • Ideal for timber subfloors and decking (Lightfoot)
  • 50 years performance rating for structure and durability
  • Designed for residential and light commercial applications
  • Codemark accredited in structure and durability for 50 years
See our technical literature for more detailed information and specifications.


No wet concrete means no waiting

Simply place the Eziyaka pad in the hole you’ve prepared. There’s no need to pause while you wait for a concrete delivery. And because Eziyaka is made from pre-cast concrete, there’s no need to halt work until the concrete has cured. Once the pile is in place you can quickly move to the next stage.

Save up to 30% on labour costs

Quick installation with no outside contractors means you can get your concrete foundations in place and make rapid progress with construction. Bearers can go on before you infill with concrete.

Can be installed by any contractor

The Eziyaka system comes with all necessary components and simple instruction. No special techniques are required. See our video tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Ideal for sites with difficult access

Eziyaka systems can be easily transported to remote sites or those without vehicle access. They can be quickly placed in situ without extensive excavations and minimal spoil removal.

Check out our case studies

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