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If you’re erecting anything more substantial than a tent, you’re probably going to need concrete foundations. That’s where we come in.

Conqra foundations work within any design, including concrete, steel, timber and masonry-based designs. We will work closely with everyone involved in a project – from the architect and builder, to the sub-contractor or homeowner. Our approach is to look at your plans and your construction schedule, and then provide a best-for-project answer.

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The original Conqra product, Eziyaka includes two derivative products: Bigfoot and Lightfoot. Eziyaka is a pre-cast concrete punch pad that serves as an under-pile foundation and the principal load-bearing element. With no need to wait for concrete to arrive on site or harden, Eziyaka lets you quickly create stable foundations and move to the next stage.

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The Apache free vapour barrier slip joint eliminates the need for bubble wrap or polystyrene collars to stop water egress via penetration inlets. Quick and simple to install, it’s the cost-effective way of dealing with a tricky issue in sub-floor base designs. Foundation contractors, plumbers drainlayers and home handyman all agree that Apache guarantees a tidy and effective outcome.

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This unique polystyrene waffle raft system ensures the best possible result in concrete raft floor construction. Available in two pod sizes, Polyraft lets you create a stable foundation when pouring concrete slabs. There’s less need for footing excavations, less spoil, and more opportunities to maximise energy efficiency, thanks to Polyraft’s excellent R-value.

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Our Stunna galvanised spacer is engineered to maximise integrity when clipping together the polystyrene pods in a concrete raft floor. Designed to complement Polyraft, Stunna is a high-performance alternative to conventional plastic spacers that are used to align and suspend reinforcement bars during the pouring process.

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