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  “Conqra, I am a part owner of a rural residential property in Kerikeri that had an initial HAIL survey completed in 2016 by a local surveyor showing low levels of heavy metals present in a small area, but alarmingly indicated the presence of asbestos contamination across the whole of the site. After initial concern it quickly became clear we needed to find a contractor that had real time experience with identifying the true extent of the asbestos contamination and an efficient approach to cleaning up the site. Fortunately we had good contacts in the building industry who confidently pointed us in the direction of Conqra. Grant showed an incredible level of personal interest in helping us resolve the problem and went out of his way to visit the site with me on several occasions until we had tracked down the true extent of the problem. The intensive testing approach used by Conqra, combined with their valuable advice, enabled us to accurately map the asbestos contamination so that our consultant could provide the local council with a clear methodical clean-up plan that met the regional requirements. The testing showed a much lower level of contamination than originally indicated, massively reducing our potential costs. Following the acceptance of the plan by the council Conqra were on the job almost immediately. Conqra had a well thought out site management plan and insisted that all people wore the appropriate PPE gear while on the job. They worked well with the local earthmoving contractors who noted the professionalism of the Conqra team. We were particularly impressed by the approach of Conqra staff to questions from concerned adjoining residents, Worksafe and the council, in every instance they were courteous and calmly explained what they were doing to minimize any off- site contamination. As a result what could have been a challenging situation was resolved with minimal delay. Throughout the clean-up process Conqra worked closely with Worksafe ensuring all documentation was kept up to date and made sure the restricted works and Asbestos Removal Control Plan were accurate and correctly notified. Worksafe visited the site a number of times during the removal process and did not raise any concerns. I recommend Conqra to anyone that has a contamination problem and would confidently employ them again. Regards Gordon Welch”

– Sky Network Television Limited

我Danni 陈很感谢Grant 先生的帮助为我们及时处理了棘手的问题, 让我们得以及时开工。 事情是这样的: 我们有有一项目在Hauraki Cresent Pinehill, 我们和邻居围墙是用石棉瓦做围墙板的, 这种材料在新西兰被全面禁止使用的, 而且在1984年以后也停止生产(我们现在才知道)。 我们当时并不知情也没有这方面资讯, 因为也没几片,当时就想挖土时一起清理, 我们并不知道这是很严重而且危险的, 也不知道还要请专家专门处理和清理, 新西兰安全生产部门call NZ Work Safe 部门到现场要求我们立马停工并且封存工地,要求我们要寻求专家帮助清理才行, 这专家还必须有资格认证的才行, 我们联系了(Conqra Asbertors Solutions) 公司, 我们真很感谢他们的专业和敬业, 他们知道后马上派人到现场检查, 并做出处理放案也很快得到安全部门的认可。他们用了3天时间就处理了全部污染并通过安全部门认证。因为他们的专业让我们也减少损失, 我这里还要说一点Conqra 公司他们做事认真也诚信, 收费还比较合理, 要是碰到类似情况我们还会选择他们, 如果还要任何疑问你们可以向他们公司申请我的联系方式, 我很愿意分享我的感受, 因为合作愉快我愿意为他们做见证。 谢谢, Danni 陈 14/04/2016
Open cut trench allows for at depth sampling minimising cross contamination.
Identifying at depth soil sampling.
Open cut trench allows sampling in ground for more accuracy.

– Gordon Welch