The leader in concrete foundations

No one knows more about concrete foundation design than Conqra. From our first days on site, over two decades ago, we have pioneered and perfected the concrete foundation systems used throughout New Zealand. Our blend of hands-on experience with innovation has led to a unique family of concrete foundation products that builders know and trust.
Here are four reasons you should choose Conqra:

1. Custom-designed components

Conqra has developed specialised concrete foundation systems that work in a wide range of buildings. Instead of using generic components, we have created custom-built products that are simple to install and offer reliable performance. You get the benefit of this valuable IP every time you specify Conqra.

2. Excellent performance at a competitive price

Conqra concrete foundations are engineered to do a precise job without the need for complex extra elements or fiddly engineering. For example, our Stunna spacer offers superior performance to plastic intersection spacers in raft floors, but does not add a burden to the construction budget. And because Conqra products are easy to install, you minimise the risk of expensive hold-ups and overruns on site.

3. Expert advice on tap

We don’t just design and manufacture concrete foundations – we can also help you install them. Our team of concrete foundation contractors is experienced and highly capable. Even if you’re handling installation yourself, we will happily liaise with your design engineers or construction team to ensure the best solution for the project.

4. Tested and approved

Conqra products have been specified and installed in thousands of concrete foundation projects, from residential renovations to light industrial sites. Everything we sell has been closely examined by design engineers and building inspectors, and approved for use by building control officials throughout New Zealand.
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What our customers say

The story behind Conqra concrete foundations

Conqra CEO Grant Brown is an experienced builder who became aware of the challenges faced by the concrete foundations industry in the 1980s. Here’s the story in Grant’s own words: “A building inspector told me to place three 40mm thick concrete pavers into the bottom of a pile foundation that was below the water table and couldn’t be pumped dry. This was to achieve the 100mm of minimum concrete embedment as described in the NZ building standard NZS3604. “I thought there might be a better solution, so I went away and created the Eziyaka precast concrete foundation pad. Along with Ernst Lapish, the co-opter of the NZS3604 standard, I presented this product to the Auckland chapter of the Building Officials Institute of NZ (BOINZ). We then went on to develop new Conqra products for a range of concrete foundation systems, including the raft-type floors that started appearing around the mid-1990s. “From these practical beginnings, Conqra has developed a family of concrete foundation products that are ideal for New Zealand conditions.”